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What’s the value of a fossil?

I have the privilege to work as a professional paleontologist. Many people are excited by fossils and beasts from the past, and the media loves to cover new discoveries. Periodically, a friend will ask if I had heard of the latest fossil find being discussed by the media, almost always touted as the latest, the […]


Organic Gardening: 7 Things You Can Repurpose to Use in Your Garden

It makes both good sense, and good cents, to grow your own vegetables at home in an organic garden. No matter how much or how little space and/or time you have, you can still plant a container garden and harvest some home grown tomatoes and peppers. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or trying out your […]

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Simple Outdoor Home Security Projects

Protecting your home is easier than you think. More often than not, people choose not to protect their home because they think the cost is astronomical or that nothing will ever happen to them. However, there are a lot of security projects that you can implement around your home for little to no cost, but […]


World Renowned Hikes in Utah

Have you ever seen stunning pictures in National Geographic and wished you could visit those far away fairy tale lands? Well if you are anywhere in North America you need not to wish for some vacation that would cost you all of your life savings. Utah has some of the most stunning locations in the […]

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How To Make Jerky For A Reliable, No-Fuss Food Source

Learning how to dehydrate meats (or create ‘jerky’) is a good skill to have for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Jerky can last for up to a month at room temperature, requires no preparation to eat, and is lighter than regular foods since the moisture has been removed. It’s great for hiking […]

Health Risks Of Adventure Sports

The popularity and appeal of adventure sports or extreme sports is on the rise, worldwide. Kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, cliff diving, trebuchet, mountaineering, snowboarding, ski boarding (snowblading),water rafting, base jumping, downhill mountain biking, bungee jumping are alluring the teenagers and  the young adults. They crave for the ‘adrenaline rush’ and excitement derived from such sports […]

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Download Free Garmin GPS Maps Before You Drive this Summer

With the Summer period now here the chances are that you might be planning on a driving to see your relations or going to a new place that you haven’t driven in before.  If that sounds like you and you use a Garmin Nuvi GPS in order to help you get there then you should […]

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Get Started with Fly Tying: The Basic Kit

Once a fly fishing angler has decided to undertake making his own flies, it is important that he acquire some basic tools and equipment in order to be successful at the craft. Tools fall into two general categories: essential and optional. Essential tools include: • A vise to hold the hook: A good fly-tying vise […]


Why You Should Get Yourself Checked Up First Before Scuba Diving

Going scuba diving for the first time is definitely something to look forward to. You’ve seen all those gorgeous underwater pictures in travel blogs, and you can’t wait to transport into that other-worldly place yourself. Of course,it’s not just about putting on the wet suit and turning on that oxygen tank. You will have to […]


Why Get a GPS Dog Collar?

Dogs are fast and can easily get lost before you or even they realize it. The GPS dog collar was first made for hunting dogs, since they were expensive. People that were serious about hunting bought these collars and used them to keep track of their animals. Over time prices started to drop and casual […]


Garmin Montana 650T Review – A Handheld GPS for Adventurers

Last year Garmin introduced three new handheld GPS devices for the Montana range.  There was the new 650T, 650, and 600 all of which come with an extra large 4-inch display and as well as offering voice guidance if you wish to also use it in your car as a standard GPS.  However, its main […]

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Becoming A Backpacking Samurai

Backpacking is an outdoor activity that allows you to experience the great outdoors at its finest. Whether you enjoy hiking in the mountains, through forests, or along lakes or rivers, backpacking is the method for bringing along everything you need to survive in the backcountry. That means packing all the necessary food, water, sleeping gear, cooking gear, and […]


An easy dessert to cook while camping

For most people, cooking while camping can be time consuming and stressful.  If you are bringing kids along, finding food they will eat can be the hardest part of your trip.  While everyone will probably enjoy eating smores for one night while camping, it’s not the healthiest dessert you could be cooking over the fire. […]


The Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Have you ever noticed how some people in the gym are constantly checking their heart rate monitor watch for data about their exercise routines but never seem to have to fiddle around with the monitoring chest strap that goes hand in hand with them? Well there is a secret. There is no chest strap! Strapless […]

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Elliptical Trainer Machine – Burning Away Calories This Summer

Bidding goodbye to winter means saying hello to the warm days of summer and to the burning of calories gained during the cold months. For many people this is not an easy task, and with the swimsuit season rapidly approaching many people are desperately searching for a fast way to lose the weight. Well the […]

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Delving into the Cornish mining industry

Few industries have reshaped and redefined the Cornish landscape over the centuries as tin mining. The area is still synonymous with mining more than a decade after its last remaining mine closed down and put rest to the industry in the area. The first mining activity in Cornwall began in around 2150 BC, with underground […]

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The Ten Essentials of Outdoor Survival

The Ten Essentials list was first created in the 1930s, in an article that appeared in the newsletter for the Mountaineers. Its goal was to put together a list of the 10 most important items an outdoors person should have on them at all times. It came up with a definitive list that, while not […]

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Taking Action to Reduce Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming Man-made global warming has been the product of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels with high carbon concentrations like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.  Human deforestation has also been a cause for global warming because plants absorb carbon dioxide that would otherwise go into the atmosphere.  […]


The Perfect Diet And Routine For Muscle Building

A body builds muscle when it is put through a strenuous activity for a prolonged period. Muscles grow during the period when the body rests and not during exercise. When we lift weights the muscles are put through stress and they break down which results in production of thicker muscle fibers. But before you can […]


Security at Home

Your home and family are your greatest treasures. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and secure when you protect them with the use of a home security system. Residential security systems are not nearly as complicated to install as they used to be. New technology, installation methods, and modern designs allow for […]

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