Bring Uniqueness and Style to Your Jewelry With Moissanite Rings

If you are looking into having a unique gem for your ring, you can look into getting a moissanite gem.  Moissanite rings are gaining in popularity due to its properties and price, making it an alternative to diamonds.  These gems are more affordable, and ethically produced.  The characteristics of this gem, and its background, are also good reasons to get this gem.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by Dr. Henri Moissan in a meteor crater in Arizona.  Dr. Moissan also became a Nobel Prize winner later on–imagine getting a gem discovered by a Nobel Prize winner?

Moissanite rings can be bought online. There are websites that specialize in these gems.  One option is to get moissanite gems in color.  There are three popular colors–yellow, green, and pink.

These colors are light and can be partnered with different metals.  The subtlety of the colors work with yellow gold, white gold, titanium and platinum, with the settings dependent upon what particular design you have in mind.  Moissanite rings can be set with only one gem, a combination of gems, or it can even be done in an eternity setting.  The sparkle of the moissanite gem is enough to take anybody’s breath away.

Since moissanite was originally associated with a meteorite, you can say that it is a piece of a star.  Star colors work well for either men or women.  It all boils down to the design and the setting.  For men, it works best to have the band wider and the gems will act as an accent.

In designing moissanite rings, you can go to your jeweler and describe what you like, your jeweler will be able to do an illustration of the ring before you can finalize it and have it done.

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