Camping and Food Safety

One of the most enjoyable things about camping is getting to enjoy the great food that can be prepared over a campfire. Many people also use their portable grills to supplement their cooking methods and there’s nothing like the taste of a juicy BBQ in the middle of the woods. But cooking while camping is definitely not like cooking in your home kitchen and as such, there are extra precautions you have to keep in mind to keep your food safe.

Your most essential piece of camping gear when it comes to food safety will be your cooler. You want to have a nice big one that you can use to store all your uncooked meats. Also think about bringing a smaller cooler just for drinks so that you don’t have to constantly open and close the lid of the larger cooler. Any meat you have should be firmly wrapped and packed tightly with lots of ice. Remember that block ice is generally better for camping than ice shavings, so use that if you can. You can also freeze certain things like prepared soups or stews ahead of time and these will also help to keep your cooler properly refrigerated. And if something has thawed you should cook it right away since there is no way to refreeze it properly without risk of germs developing.

Always make sure to cook your food properly as its better to over-cook something than to undercook. The wilderness is not the place you want to get food poisoning so keep a constant eye on your food to make sure it hasn’t gone bad. Camping tents are the perfect place to keep your cooler if you have set up in shade, so use your shelter for storage when appropriate. When in doubt, you should never eat anything that looks or smells suspect, so always bring an array of canned foods in case your meats go bad. Never sacrifice safety for hunger, and if you prepare properly by bringing adequate supplies, you won’t have to.

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