Camping and Hiking Holidays: 4 Safety Tips

When taking camping and/or  hiking holidays, safety prevention becomes extremely important.  If your planned girl getaways include any trail hiking, then there are some very valuable safety precautions that should be followed during your hiking adventure.  It is very important that you follow these guidelines because it can come down to a matter of life or death.  There are four important safety tips that will help keep you safe and in top physical condition while enjoying nature with your friends.

The first and probably the most crucial tip that applies to any of your hikes is preparation.  It is extremely important that you always plan and prepare the hiking route in advance.  Know the estimated time to complete the trail you plan on hiking.  Be sure to communicate all the details of your hike with someone at your base camp, just in case you or your entire party does not return to your campsite in a timely manner.  Accidents can and do happen when you are out on the trail or in the wilderness.  If a person at camp knows you are late returning, they can quickly send a search party out to look for you.  It is always good to be safe rather than sorry.

The second safety tip will help you to keep in good physical condition while on your hiking tour.  Be sure to carry an adequate amount of drinking water for use while hiking, it does not matter how short the trail might be, always carry a bottle of water.  Keeping your body hydrated is much more important than having something to eat because our bodies are comprised of up to 80% water.

The third tip has to do with what you wear.  It is essential that you always wear appropriate protective gear.  Be sure to pack suitable clothing for warm weather as well as waterproof gear to provide protection and help prevent hypothermia.  If you happen to be hiking in areas with warm weather, you will want to be diligent about apply sufficient sunscreen and be sure to carry it along with you while hiking.

Finally, the last tip is to always bring a map and compass with you when hiking.  If you are the kind of girl who likes gadgets, then bring a GPS device along (See recommended handheld GPS units).  This will help prevent you from being lost while out on your hiking adventure.

It is important to remember these four simple tips while on your hiking vacation or get-away.  These tips will be important for your personal safety and if you fail to follow these tips, it may result in an accident with either you or one of your friends.  Fatalities can occur, so be safe while hiking.

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