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Reasons to Own a Biometric Safe

When it comes to guns, safety should always be considered. Even with a gun safe, you still worry about your children getting in the safe or losing it should you be robbed. Sometimes a wall safe for the home is just not enough. However, advances in technology have given us a biometric gun safe. These new safes are the new technology making our homes safer and putting our minds at ease.

A biometric gun safe is also known as a fingerprint safe that is a small safe usually used for handguns. What makes this safe a biometric safe is the type of lock that is on it. Biometric gun safes are also called fingerprint gun safes for good reason. This is because the lock on it works by fingerprint access only. It allows only the people whose fingerprints are programmed into the memory to gain access to the safe. Manufacturers have made it quite simple for you and other people that you would like to be able to program your fingerprints into the memory. When you want to open the biometric gun safe you just simply put your finger to the sensor pad, and the memory reads your fingerprints.

Reasons to own a biometric gun safe are quite simple. This type of safe allows you to have the type of security you want. Only those whose fingerprints that are stored in the memory are able to open the safe. This means that your children cannot get into it, and strangers cannot as well. This type of safe also allows you to get access to your weapons quickly. You won’t have to take the time to enter a code or find a key. This type of safe allows you quick, simple access. Just think if you are in a hurry because someone is threatening you you may not be able to think straight. It would be harder to even think about or remember a code. These are a few of the reasons that a biometric gun safe is one of the best safes for the home.

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Quality Outdoor Equipment Tested In The Toughest Terrain

Outdoors enthusiasts, campers, prospectors and adventurers need the best equipment to explore the natural environment, but the cost of this equipment can sometimes be staggering. Even family-targeted camping equipment comes at a cost and when the expense of buying your outdoor equipment goes up the temptation to sacrifice quality can be hard to resist. But what if there was a great way to buy the highest quality outdoor adventure and camping equipment and save money at the same time? At military surplus retailers and online stores you can get the quality you need at prices you can afford.

I’ve been camping and exploring for years. It started with family fishing trips when I was young and now as a father I often take my own children outdoors on the holidays for a little adventure. Like me, my children love getting outside for fishing, hiking and prospecting. It’s a family tradition enjoyed by millions of people across the world, but it can be a costly pastime. The cost of tents, clothing, equipment and hunting and fishing gear is staggering, but since I’ve discovered military surplus I’ve been able to save a lot every year when adding to and updating our equipment.

One of the best purchases I’ve made from military surplus has been sleeping bags, tents and clothing (check out considerations for the best camping tent). The range of clothing and backpacks in particular is exceptional and my kids love to dress up in camouflage and go spotlighting at night. I admit I love the look of camouflage clothing too, but I also appreciate the quality and the durability of the materials, and the fact that I’m not going to have to replace it after every trip. I also love tucking into a warm and dry sleeping bag at night to rest after chasing after the kids all day.

But it’s not just family trips that I’ve been able to enjoy more since discovering surplus. I love hunting, and while it’s not everyone’s favorite activity, for enthusiasts like me it’s important that I can carry the right knives and guns for each outing (check out what to look for in a hunting knife, too). Military surplus is a great source of knives, sheaths and netting. The quality is made for combat so it is sturdy and reliable. The range of rifles are also impressive.

Hunting equipment is a specialized necessity for sporting enthusiasts and while many military guns are not appropriate for sporting activities it’s possible to modify some combat rifles for these purposes. I recently purchased an AR-15 builder instruction manual and have been able to adapt my rifle to suit the exact purposes I’m looking for. You can also buy handguns and collectors weapons from World War I & II.

Whether you are strictly a family camping hobbyist or adventurous outdoor explorer, military surplus stores offer a great range of supplies for any expedition. Tested in harsh environments by our brave soldiers, surplus stock is a fantastic idea for building your store of outdoor gear. Compasses, portable bathrooms, sleeping bags, clothing and more. Military surplus stores stock everything you need at prices you can afford.

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Gun Cabinets Provide Safe Place for Home Gun Storage

Safe gun storage in anyone’s home is of paramount importance and gun cabinets help provide gun owners with the peace of mind that their weapons are safely locked away when not in use.

Many gun owners like the look of a wooden gun cabinet because it fits in nicely with most home decors but cabinets are also available in steel models. When choosing the storage size of a gun cabinet, ask yourself if your gun collection is complete or if you plan on adding additional items within the next few years. You don’t want to purchase a cabinet that is too small to accommodate a growing collection.

Once you’ve purchased the style of cabinet that best suits your decor, make sure that you install it in a secure place in your home away from busy or heavily used rooms such as the living room or family recreation room. Although you are proud of your gun collection, you don’t want to advertise to complete strangers who may be visiting your home that you own guns. Install the cabinet as high up as possible on the wall to prevent children from reaching it or fooling around with the lock, doors or contents.

Gun cabinets
should always be secured with locks that prevent unauthorized access to your guns either by thieves or curious children which could result in a deadly accident. Some gun owners like a deadbolt lock that opens with a key, while other prefer an electronic key-less pad opened by secret combination.

Although glass doors are an attractive feature to show off a gun collection housed in a cabinet, if the family has children, it is a smart idea to have the glass be mirrored or tinted so curious children cannot see what is housed inside. If and when you want to show a friend or relative what is housed in the cabinet, you can unlock the doors and remove the particular items at your discretion.

In addition to keeping your gun collection safe and secure while in your home, gun cabinets also serve as a central place to store and organize gun cleaning equipment and supplies and any other memorabilia related to a gun hobby.

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