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Why Get a GPS Dog Collar?

Dogs are fast and can easily get lost before you or even they realize it. The GPS dog collar was first made for hunting dogs, since they were expensive. People that were serious about hunting bought these collars and used them to keep track of their animals. Over time prices started to drop and casual hunters as well as normal dog owners starting to get these collars. There are many advantages to these collars. If you dog runs away or is stolen, then you can track him or her much easier if they are wearing one of these special collars.

How Does the Collar Work?

The collar has a transmitter and also a receiver. The transmitter is located in the collar and uses a satellite signal to send location information all the way back to the receiver. Some devices use a radio signal to get the job done. The receiver can be used on your computer or as a hand held piece of equipment. A good feature for some of these systems is that you can give your dog a safety roam area. If your dog leaves that area, then the device will instantly alert you. Some dog tracking devices will also let you mark locations, for example where your vehicle is located.

What To Look For in a GPS Collar.

Look for a buckle connector if possible rather than an easy to fall off velcro strap. Some older models do not work their best in woods. Make sure that no matter what model you choose, there is always fresh batteries in it before you go hunting.

Where Do You Buy a GPS Dog Collar?

You can not find this type of collar at your normal department stores. You can find them usually at major hunting or outdoor stores such as Bass Pro Shops. You can also find them online at places like or eBay. Be wary of the older models with velcro. Enjoy what a GPS dog collar can offer.

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Rock Climbing and What You Need To Get Started

Like many people, you started rock climbing for fun at a local indoor rock climbing facility.  As you got better you’ve decided try your hand at the real deal. Great! You probably know that rock climbing is great exercise and a wonderful way to experience the outdoors, while testing the limits of your body, but you may not know what you need to get started. Like many people, you may have gotten an REI coupon in the mail and, upon entering the outlet store, find yourself completely overwhelmed by the range of rock climbing products on the market. Don’t worry! Getting started rock climbing is really quite easy.. Here is what you need to get started!

1. Rope- A good length of rope is your most important piece of equipment! It is best not to skimp and buy a cheap rope, or you may find yourself in a tight spot with an unreliable safety net. Instead, buy the best you can afford. A 10.5 to 11 millimeter cord style rope will serve you best. You do not need dry rope unless you are planning on climbing in snow and ice, and should get approximately 200 feet (60 meters) of rope. You may also be interested in purchasing a rope bag to keep your rope clean while you climb.

2. Quickdraws- Quickdraws are a pair of oval or d-shaped clip hooks connected with a strong piece of webbing. Though they may seem small and insignificant, quickdraws are absolutely necessary to your safety, second only to rope! One end of the quickdraw attaches to a bolt, nut, or cam in the climbing course, and your rope threads through the other end. You will need approximately twenty of these.3. Belay Device- A good belay device is very important. Belay devices are used to secure your rope, or to rappel back down the rock face. You won’t get your feet on the ground without one! Belay devices come in several shapes and sizes. It is recommended, especially for beginner rock climbers, that you purchase one that locks automatically.

4. Harness- Even the most experienced climbers rely heavily on a harness. A lightweight harness is cheaper and is perfectly fine for most sport climbing. When purchasing a harness, try to get one with four or more gear loops. Each loop is capable of holding seven quickdraws.

5. Climbing Shoes- A good pair of climbing shoes is going to be one of the best investments you ever made if you wish to continue climbing. Many sport climbers like a slipper-shoe, which fits your foot like a glove. Whatever you choose, be sure you have good foot-movement and flexibility!

6. Chalk- While it’s not absolutely necessary, most sport climbers like to have a bag of chalk. When you climb, your hands become sweaty, and chalk dries them out and helps to re-tighten your grip.

Got all your gear? Great! Now you’re ready to start climbing!

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Sports Watch Secrets: Finding A Cheap Watch

A little known fact to most people is that when it comes to cheap sports watches there are some true gems to found if you know where to look. No matter what major sport or activity you do, there are great value watches whether you are a runner, swimmer, diver or camper. Usually the best quality watches are produced by the top name manufacturers (but not always). So if you are unsure about where to start your search it is smart to start with these. Reading product reviews is another reliable guide, as is reading articles like the ones on our website and others about the best cheap deals. Here are a few examples of great value and little-known sports watches.

If you are heading out on a hiking trip, you have probably arranged a rucksack and tent, and may now be looking for a cheap outdoors watch that will keep time and not fall apart under tough conditions. One of the cheapest and most popular outdoor watches is the Timex Military watch that sells on Amazon for a mere $20 USD. The Military watch is a basic watch that does what it says on the box, but is well designed and built tough to stand up to knocks and bumps along the way. The watch is not a great looker, nor does it have a lot of functions, but is a functional good quality performer that with its tough nylon wrist straps will stay firmly secured on your arm, and with five year battery and internal quartz movement, will take a licking and keep on ticking for many years into the future.

On the other hand if you are looking for a basic fitness sports watch or device, then you might consider a cheap pedometer or pedometer watch. You may have heard people rave about their fancy GPS running watches, but if you are unfit and just starting out, then the features of a GPS watch are probably overkill. A pedometer attaches to your hip and measures your step counts throughout the day. A pedometer device can also accommodate jogging or running by calibrating it to your stride length, and can give you an approximate reading for speed and distance, thus serving as a more affordable version of a GPS watch. While far less accurate than a GPS, for a mere $30 USD this device is much more practical for a beginner, and might be a great choice for you.

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Fossil Hunt in Comfort with a Propane-Powered Refrigerator

Mini refrigerators range in various design configurations, from travel coolers to mounted compact refrigerators.  But if you want comfort in the field while looking for fossils choose a propane refrigerator.  This particular design of refrigerator does not need an electric power source to get by; you only have to buy a natural gas or propane gas to get this fridge to work.

Propane-powered refrigerators will free you away from the hassle of finding an electrical outlet.  While RVs, boats, or caravans can easily tap into a power supply, that supply could become interrupted or not be available in very remote places. Obviously, power outages or interruptions would severely hamper your fridge’s purpose in food preservation.  But if you have a propane fridge, you wouldn’t have to worry about electric power supply at all.  Completely independent from such prerequisite, you can ensure food to be fresh and that drinks will remain refreshing while you are hitting the road.

Traveling, at some point, can be quite distressing, and certainly you don’t want to battle inconveniences that may have to do with storing your food and drinks.  If you are serious in getting a propane gas refrigerator, then by all means, buy it from legitimate manufacturers.  While there are many models of mini fridges, propane fridges and gas absorption refrigerators available in the market today, not all of them are built to last. Reliability, cooling performance and durability are three of the most important aspects to look for in a propane gas refrigerator.  You can experience a highly efficient propane fridge with those qualities if you get them from well-known brands like Norcold and Dometic.  Like many things, you may pay a bit more for quality, but you will have a better product that will last longer.

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The Smart Way To Buy Sports Watches

There are so many sports watches currently on the market, that choosing the right one is easier said than done! Perhaps the first step in buying the right sports watch for your activity is to consider how you will be using it in everyday life. For instance if you are into running and will be running several times a week, clearly you need to limit your search to running watches that can accommodate these needs. If you are a diver on the other hand, a running watch will be useless, so the first step is to find a watch that matches your favorite activity. Here is a summary of the different types of sports watches.

The classic style analog sports watch is designed as much for looks and image as for functionality. This type of watch can be a nice eye-catching timepiece to wear out on the town, but can also include some basic functions like stopwatch and water resistance.

Running and fitness watches are generally digital watches with a stopwatch feature and sometimes extras like support for a heart rate monitor chest strap device that measures your continual heart rate during a run or race. These are essential for anyone keen on improving their fitness level, but are generally not suited to being worn in a casual setting.

Outdoors watches are watches that are more rugged and robust to stand up to the rigour of an outdoors setting. More advanced versions of an outdoor sports watch often include barometer and altimeter sensors and a built-in compass. Sometimes these watches also include a GPS receiver, allowing you to navigate in the wilderness.

Diving watches are watches specifically designed to withstand the pressures in a deep-sea environment. Authentic diving watches must pass ISO 6424 testing, which is a series of tests under typical pressures experienced on deep-sea dives.

These are just some of the basic watches that are available for different activities. Based on these classes, you should be able to figure out which watches will suit you best. For instance you will know that a Garmin Forerunner and other running watches will be a better match if your aim is to run a marathon and an Invicta pro diver watch a better match for recreational diving. Much more information on the various watches within each of the above categories, can be found on our website by following the links supplied above.

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