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Get Started with Fly Tying: The Basic Kit

Once a fly fishing angler has decided to undertake making his own flies, it is important that he acquire some basic tools and equipment in order to be successful at the craft.

Tools fall into two general categories: essential and optional.

Essential tools include:

• A vise to hold the hook: A good fly-tying vise is mandatory for anyone undertaking the hobby. Either pedestal based or clamp attachment; the vise should adjust easily and smoothly.

• Bobbins: A good quality ceramic bobbin is recommended; cheaper types of bobbins break the thread and lead to needless frustration. The bobbin should have a tube to guide the thread to the hook.

• Magnifying glass: as many of the components of flies are tiny or hair thin, a good quality magnifying glass (a free- standing glass on its own pedestal for hands free use is recommended)

• Hackle pliers: specialized pliers that hold feathers and other fly-tying materials together while being bound to the hook, usually spring loaded with a rubber disk to hold the feathers).

• Hackle gauges: specialized ruler used to insure that the size of the hackle feather fibers is appropriate for the hook.

• Hair stackers: cylindrical shaped device used to get the feathers and fibers aligned properly for tails and wings and other components of a fly.

• Lights: a well-lit workspace is essential to avoid eye-strain, fly tying is a delicate and precise process..

• Scissors: used for cutting threads, fibers and other materials. Small scissors are best for cutting fine threads and fibers, a heavier duty pair is also needed to cut wire.

Optional tools include:

• Bodkins: in terms of fly tying, this a needle affixed to a wooden dowel 9which functions as a handle0 used for depositing cement or lacquer on flies.

• Bobbin threaders: for spooling tying thread onto the ceramic bobbin

• Whip finishers: knot tying can be accomplished with fingers, but this specialized tool makes securely tying the knots on the flies a snap.

• Wing burners: cutters used to shape wings and wing cases and cut them to proper size.

• Dubbing twisters: implements used to wrap fibrous materials around thread to approximate the body of the insect being mimicked by the fly.

• Tweezers: useful for picking up beads, glass weights and other tiny components used in fly tying.

The old saying says that you need the proper tools to do a job properly, and this is particularly true in fly tying. The toolkit described above is recommended by the experts as the best for the beginning fly tier. Click the link for fly tying and fly fishing videos.

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Why Get a GPS Dog Collar?

Dogs are fast and can easily get lost before you or even they realize it. The GPS dog collar was first made for hunting dogs, since they were expensive. People that were serious about hunting bought these collars and used them to keep track of their animals. Over time prices started to drop and casual hunters as well as normal dog owners starting to get these collars. There are many advantages to these collars. If you dog runs away or is stolen, then you can track him or her much easier if they are wearing one of these special collars.

How Does the Collar Work?

The collar has a transmitter and also a receiver. The transmitter is located in the collar and uses a satellite signal to send location information all the way back to the receiver. Some devices use a radio signal to get the job done. The receiver can be used on your computer or as a hand held piece of equipment. A good feature for some of these systems is that you can give your dog a safety roam area. If your dog leaves that area, then the device will instantly alert you. Some dog tracking devices will also let you mark locations, for example where your vehicle is located.

What To Look For in a GPS Collar.

Look for a buckle connector if possible rather than an easy to fall off velcro strap. Some older models do not work their best in woods. Make sure that no matter what model you choose, there is always fresh batteries in it before you go hunting.

Where Do You Buy a GPS Dog Collar?

You can not find this type of collar at your normal department stores. You can find them usually at major hunting or outdoor stores such as Bass Pro Shops. You can also find them online at places like or eBay. Be wary of the older models with velcro. Enjoy what a GPS dog collar can offer.

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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters And Others

If you are looking for a good place to go and spend your vacation in, then you should definitely take a look at Cabo San Lucas, which is located in Mexico. Here, you can do all sorts of things such as explore the beautiful places there, and even go on some Cabo fishing charters to help you explore your inner sport fisher.

Cabo San Lucas is a town which has a lot to offer in terms of hotels, restaurants, and various other tourist attractions. It boasts its many sandy white beaches and a great scuba diving experience in the area.

On the other hand, it is also well known to be a great place to fish for Billfish and Marlin. In fact, if you know just where to go, you can even locate some extraordinary wonderful fishing grounds wherein you can do some great sport fishing. You can even charter any Cabo San Lucas Fishing Boat to help you get to those wonderful fishing spots which you will never be able to find anywhere else.

If you are already a sport fisher at heart, then you will surely appreciate this area with all that it can offer. You can surely hone and further improve your sport fishing skills here. Conversely, if you are a beginner, you can also start off with the great fishing grounds located near the area.

Cabo San Lucas is one of the many tourist attractions in the Baja area in California. If you choose to come here, you are surely not going to be disappointed with all that this wonderful place can offer. with activities such as swimming, scuba diving, strolling along the twon, sight seeing, and most of all – Cabo San Lucas sportfishing, you are sure to find yourself wanting to come back to this beautiful place over and over again.

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Leatherman Multi Tools for Backpackers

Leatherman Tools makes several different multi tools that serve different purposes. Some of the tools are best for jobs around the house or on the job site while others work well for the outdoors. If you are a backpacker you may be interested in the multi tools that Leatherman makes that are geared toward outdoor enthusiast. It is definitely important to carry a multi tool on you when backpacking and here are some of the best choices you have to choose from.

Leatherman Charge TTI

This multi tool is really the top of the line when it comes to tools. It is one of the more expensive multi tools that Leatherman makes but it is definitely worth the price. It’s a very compact tool that features a wider and stronger blade and knife. This can come in handy for backpackers who may find themselves stranded and needing a knife out in the wilderness. It is also very lightweight which means it won’t weigh your back down while backpacking. If you want a top of the line quality multi tool, this tool is definitely the one for you.

Leatherman Squirt PS4

If you don’t want to spend that much money but you still want a quality Leatherman multi tool, then I recommend the Leatherman Squirt PS4. This is a miniature multi-tool that you can buy for under $25. This multi tool actually has a keychain attachment that can go right on your backpack or even on your set of keys. With this tool you get just about every tool you would need but it comes in a much smaller and convenient package.

If you want something more top of the line that is the utmost in quality then go with the Charge TTI but if you want something a little less expensive but still of good quality try the Squirt PS4. You really can’t go wrong with a Leatherman multi tool.

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Gearing Up with Hunting Safety Vests

The onset of spring probably doesn’t strike you as the premier time for making sure that your hunting gear is up to snuff for the late Fall hunting season. However, the earlier you ensure that you have everything you need for a good and safe hunt, the more fun you’re going to have. You’re also going to be able to concentrate better as you track and hunt the white tails or black bears or turkeys.

There are three excellent reasons that your hunting preparations should include procuring and using high visibility vests or any other type of reflective clothing. All three of them have to do with your safety, not to mention the safety of those who are sharing the fields and forests with you.

First and foremost, even though it doesn’t happen very often, one of your goals is not be confused with an animal. That is, you don’t want an overexcited hunter to confuse your for a ten-point buck as it works its way through the brush. Wearing hunter’s orange – whether we’re talking about a hunting safety vest or a jacket or something as simple as a hat or cap – is the number one way to be sure that other hunters see you for what you are – a fellow hunter.

Second, these days your safety clothing will also protect you from cold temperatures and precipitation. And you need that – just because it’s sleeting or below zero doesn’t mean the deer aren’t out there. Most manufacturers of quality hunting clothes cater to this fact. When you buy a jacket that’s bright and reflective, it’s also going to be able to ward off the worst of any inclement weather you might face.

Last but not least, should you get hurt or lost, a high visibility piece of clothing will make it a lot easier to find you. You don’t want to dwell on it, but should you need rescuing, the people in search of you are going to be looking for that orange on your clothing. You really want to maximize your capacity to help them do their job.

So  yes – even though it’s not quite the season to hit the woods, you still want to take care of all your safety gear needs.

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