Cutting trees for warmth

Cutting trees is hard work especially if you cannot afford a chain saw for the task and you are cutting a solid wood or hard wood tree. It is however a very invigorating form of exercise provided you can justify the need to be tree cutting in the first place. The great thing about cutting trees is that it provides warmth twice or possible three times. The first time is the actual felling of the tree. The second warming experience is when you are splitting logs for firewood and finally the third is when you actually burn the timber in the hearth (fireplace).

You can make the most beautiful furniture from trees you cut down. If you can get the tree to a saw mill for cutting (slicing) you will be rewarded with lumber than can be transformed into benches, gazebos or arbors for your garden or yard. If you get the timber planed then you can create interior fine furniture for your home. You can select the cuts that are most beautifully grained and make a treasured dining room table which can be French polished to bring out the grain. The surplus pieces and off cuts will warm you via the fireside through out the winter.

The safest way to cut a tree or logs is without using the chainsaw. This powerful machine is deadly and all it takes is one slip or trip and the consequences could be fatal. Better is to use a good ‘Bushman’ saw, which is a hand saw, and allow plenty of time for the work. It will, of course, be much harder, more tiring and you will be warmer, but more importantly you will still be around to enjoy the heat from the logs you cut so lovingly. I like to replenish the trees I have to take down and I always plant new ones as replacements.

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