Dog Exercise Pens

Everyone knows that dogs need plenty of exercise and the ideal situation would be for them to be taken on countless walks every day.  Of course this is not at all practical.  Most people go out to work and even those who don’t are generally too busy to go out for more than a couple of walks.  The answer to this could be a dog kennel and run.

Most dogs go a bit stir crazy if left in a house for most of the day and, if you are unlucky, then they will become destructive and start destroying shoes, soft furnishings and anything else that takes their fancy.  By building a dog kennel in the garden you will create a comfortable space where your dog can be outside but will feel secure.  The kennel will keep him warm in cold weather, shaded in the sun and allow him to rest or sleep feeling safe.

By adding a dog run to this you will also give him a secure area in which to run around and exercise, chasing a ball or playing with his chewy toys.  Dog runs are made from metal to make them strong and are very easy to put together yourself.  Not only do they keep your dog safe they also protect the rest of the garden from being dug up and your precious flower beds from being destroyed.

A dog exercise pen needs to be as large as possible, preferably long enough for your pet to pick up some speed when running its length.  Some of the run should be shaded so that your dog can escape the hot sun and there should be plenty of easily accessible water to quench his thirst.  If your dog is good at jumping then it might be worth buying a run with a mesh roof so that there is no means of escape!

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