Find the type of outdoor fire pit design that fits your needs

Outdoor fire pits has become a staple in ornamenting the backyard either for its function or aesthetic contributions or both. There are different types of outdoor fire pits one may choose from depending on his taste, lifestyle and financial capability. Gas fire pits are also one of the options to choose from these days.

Wok-shaped tray.  This is the simplest design for outdoor fire pits. It is made of metal, usually copper, and shaped like a wok tray that sits in a metal stand. This is ideal for barbecues, roasting marshmallows and grill parties on a warm summer afternoon.

Chimenea. This is perhaps the most stylish and popular design for outdoor fire pits. Traditionally made from ceramic and looks like an old potbelly stove. It is also a simple design. The fire is made in its round body or belly and the fuel is fed trough an opening in the front. It is small but its recognizable round body makes it attractive to homeowners. Chimeneas, are usually used for decorative purposes and heating up a small room. Today, one can find chimeneas made from cast iron and other metals.

In-ground or Permanent fire pit. This type of out door fire pit is permanently dug hole in the ground. This type of outdoor fire pits is lined with stones or fire bricks or a combination of both which insulate the fire from the soil. The height of in-ground fire pits extends above ground. It can be made stylish to become a centric feature of the patio or used for grilling.

Portable fire pits. A good example of this design is a copper bowl or container that sits on metal supports and provides a dish making an open fire. This type of design is perfect for bringing along in the woods, beach, dessert or the backyard and is suitable for cooking.

The types of designs mentioned above come in different shapes, color, sizes, and design materials. Technology has also made an important contribution in the evolution and advancement of outdoor fire pit designs. Aside from the usual wood and gas fuels, fire pits can now be lit using electricity, glass or gel. Outdoor gas fire pit manufacturers have patented designs to fit the lifestyle of the affluent and pompous.

Whatever design, outdoor fire pits will continue to be part of the household design. They enliven outdoor living, entertain households and bring about a different feel and aura to the place they illuminate.

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