Fireworks pictures–in the sky

Pictures in the night sky made from light have always fascinated people.  The ancients looked at the stars and created pictures that incorporated the different constellations in them.  Now we can use chemicals to create our own ephemeral and beautiful pictures in the night sky.

Not only can we recreate a simulation of the Pleiades meteor shower, we can recreate it in much denser form and in a multitude of colors.  The fun only begins with that image.  There are twinkling star shapes in reds, blues, greens, and yellows.  Umbrella formations grace the night with their flowing images.  Balls of light, which look like we are seeing the creation of the universe in a big bang that expands across the sky.  Puffballs of exotic flowers bloom quickly then fade away, leaving room for the next spectacular fireworks picture.

Palm trees that sparkle in a lovely array of colors grow, expand and disappear before our eyes.  Flowers bud, blossom and fade before our eyes.  A hacky-sac in magenta appears out of the darkness, glowing with a promise of more beauty coming behind it.  A whirling whiz-bang shoots off sparks in every direction.  Rockets pierce the sky, throwing sparkles of colors in every direction.   Colored fountains grow and sparkle, showering beauty on us all.   When the fireworks pictures occur in the sky over a still lake or pond, we get a doubling of the wonderful images that are created.

When there is a backdrop for stationary fireworks, pictures can be built such as a plant growing into a bush, then a rose budding and blossoming.  Surrounding the rose in a semi-circle can be a group of Scottish thistles as was described in one of Louisa May Alcott’s books.  The possibilities are endless.  No matter what you would like to see in a gorgeous array of lights, fireworks pictures can provide it.  The fleeting nature of these wonderful images only makes them more precious.

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