Fishing as a pastime for you and your family

Lots of folks prefer fishing, over other physical activities such as tennis or golf, as a relaxing pastime to get away from worries. Some view it as a personal hobby, others as a quality activity to enjoy with friends and family. Evidence supports the fact that over 50 million Americans choose to make fishing a big part of their life, rather than enjoying other sports. Fishing activity has a huge impact the economy. Hundreds of millions of dollars are devoted to fishing; and, around 20,000 people report fishing to be their livelihood. However, the majority of fishing enthusiasts consider it a peaceful indulgence and a family pastime.

Generally speaking, fishing is a lifestyle option. “The Incomplete Psychology of Everyday Fishing” is a book written by psychologist Paul G. Quinnett. In this book, Quinnett devotes a whole chapter to fishing and its ability to relieve stress. In the chapter entitled “Ethics of Fishing” he brings attention to the fact that a true fishing enthusiast must have an appreciation, and find joy, in the benefits of nature. He also brings attention to the fact that fishing correctly carries over into a person’s ability to live a more disciplined lifestyle.

Fishing also makes a wonderful family activity that can provide quality time for the entire family. “Family Life First” is a group that specializes in presenting to parents ways that they can spend quality, constructive time with their children. FLF possesses factual data that proves that in the past 20 years children have experienced a 25 percent decrease in play time. Outdoor activities, which are responsible for the majority of a child’s play, have gone down by 50 percent. A study performed by the White House Council of Economic Advisers concludes that from 1969 to 1996 family time activities have experienced a 22 percent drop.

Needless to say, any positive time spent interacting with your children is worth investing in. And, fishing is definitely a way to achieve this family time. The quality time that you experience is a very rewarding result of the effort that you put in. The significant aspect of fishing, actually catching fish, is the bulk of the enjoyment. With an abundance of public fishing lakes, all with countless fish to catch, all children can experience the excitement and adventure of fishing. Your first catch is a very memorable one. And, it would be hard to forget the parent who guided you in catching it. The enjoyment, the thrill and the learning experience all make fishing a wonderful idea for a family activity.

Everything that you need to go fishing can be found in a store–except for your family. Fishing can relieve your stress and help to promote a calm and stress-free lifestyle for both you and your family. So, gather the loved ones and be pleasantly surprised at how much you will actually like each others company while you enjoy the best family entertainment ever–fishing.

Author Bio: Nichole Weathers is a content writer for Online Schools and Online MBA who gives advice on the pursuit of education and living a healthy life. In her free time she enjoys writing, gardening and horror movies.

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