Guest Post:

If you ever travel to Panama you want to be sure to visit Gamboa.  Gamboa is right in the middle of the rain forest. I know that may sound like a strange idea – going to the tropics and deliberately going into the rain forest but here’s what’s cool and different about this Panamanian  Rain Forest – It’s only 17 miles from Panama City and the Pacific Ocean. So, if you are staying at one of the Panama Hotels in the city you can drive in and out of this rain forest in less than an hour.

The Gamboa Rain Forest Resort

Now what’s really special about Gamboa is the Gamboa Rain Forest Resort. This Panamanian Resort is located smack dab inside the Soberania National Park where it sits on the banks of the Chagres River. The Chagres is part of the Panama Canal so just one of the bonuses of visiting here is seeing the huge ships, including some beautiful cruise ships, pass right by the front door. Although you can stay at Gamboa for the day and take in it’s long list of eco-tours and activities I recommend staying over at the resort at least a few nights. The Gamboa Resort is one of the most stunningly beautiful luxury hotels and resorts in Panama. Many visitors comment that it’s just like staying at a luxury beach resort only in the jungle rather than on a beach.

Gamboa Eco-Tours

The Gamboa resort does have a huge, beautiful pool but it’s really not the kind of place where you want to lie around. Gamboa is all about adventure, eco-adventure. There are over a dozen different eco-tours you can participate at Gamboa Rain Forest Resort. One of the most popular is a boat trip to Monkey Island. I don’t need to tell you what that is all about and why kids love it so much! For the sportsman there is some of the best fresh water fishing around right on Lake Gatun. You can either rent a boat or take one of the Sport Fishing Tours where you are sure to learn about all of the ‘hot spots’.  Gamboa is also known for it’s Aerial Tram which takes you up into the rain forest canopy to discover numerous birds and wildlife you won’t see on the ground.

More than just the Panama Canal

So, if you thought Panama was just a small country with a big shipping canal think again! Panama has it all from beautiful beaches to historic sites to modern cities to the wonders of the Gamboa Rain Forest. The next time you’re planning a trip may I suggest you try something new, visit Panama!

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