Gearing Up with Hunting Safety Vests

The onset of spring probably doesn’t strike you as the premier time for making sure that your hunting gear is up to snuff for the late Fall hunting season. However, the earlier you ensure that you have everything you need for a good and safe hunt, the more fun you’re going to have. You’re also going to be able to concentrate better as you track and hunt the white tails or black bears or turkeys.

There are three excellent reasons that your hunting preparations should include procuring and using high visibility vests or any other type of reflective clothing. All three of them have to do with your safety, not to mention the safety of those who are sharing the fields and forests with you.

First and foremost, even though it doesn’t happen very often, one of your goals is not be confused with an animal. That is, you don’t want an overexcited hunter to confuse your for a ten-point buck as it works its way through the brush. Wearing hunter’s orange – whether we’re talking about a hunting safety vest or a jacket or something as simple as a hat or cap – is the number one way to be sure that other hunters see you for what you are – a fellow hunter.

Second, these days your safety clothing will also protect you from cold temperatures and precipitation. And you need that – just because it’s sleeting or below zero doesn’t mean the deer aren’t out there. Most manufacturers of quality hunting clothes cater to this fact. When you buy a jacket that’s bright and reflective, it’s also going to be able to ward off the worst of any inclement weather you might face.

Last but not least, should you get hurt or lost, a high visibility piece of clothing will make it a lot easier to find you. You don’t want to dwell on it, but should you need rescuing, the people in search of you are going to be looking for that orange on your clothing. You really want to maximize your capacity to help them do their job.

So  yes – even though it’s not quite the season to hit the woods, you still want to take care of all your safety gear needs.

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