How To Make Your Car Camping Check List

Are you the type of person that likes to make check lists out for everything that you do including car camping?  Are you looking for a general car camping check list before you make your next adventure camping trip? I like to use a checklist before I leave on a trip so I do not forget critical items such as flashlights, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and a tent. The beautiful thing about car camping is that you can always purchase a forgotten item on the road.  Using a camping checklist will prevent any of this.

I like to divide my camping check-list into multiple categories to make it easy for me and my wife to use.  For example,  I use a clothing checklist; frequently used staple foods checklist; first aid kit checklist; sleeping gear checklist; automobile checklist; gadgets checklist; etc. I don’t suggest getting to obsessed with your checklist as it will evolve as you gain experience with each camping trip. On the other hand, if you have never gone on a car camping trip, then it will be wise to use a general camping checklist and modify it to your needs before your departure.

After completing your camping checklist, you may notice that it includes items that are not on other campers list.   This is normal as you are unique.  If you cannot live without an item, make sure that it goes on your checklist.

Your final checklist can be used and modified to fit any camping or travel situation that you go on. Even if you go on ski trips during the winter and stay in hotels, you can copy and paste essential items from this checklist.

Basic Essential Outdoor Camping Checklist

Family camping trip ideas.

Water Storage Solutions

5 gallon stainless steel water jugs.
Small portable BPA free 1 liter water bottles.

Camp Cooking Kit & Accessories

Large stock pot for making soups and sauces.
Round caste iron skillet or griddle.
Strainers washing vegetables and straining pasta.
Stainless steel drinking cups.
Coffee filters
Melitta Single cup drip coffee brewer.
Assortment of stainless steel or plastic flatware.
Stainless steel measuring cup.
Measuring spoons.

Car Camping Tent & Equipment

Camping tent.
Goose down or synthetic sleeping bags
Light weight camping air mattresses
Air mattress repair kit
Ground cloth to keep ground moisture out of tent
Camp towel for wiping down tent
Camp ax/hammer to pound in tent stakes
Spare tent stakes
Light weight rope

Automobile Checklist

Assortment of car campground maps
Local city and country maps
Campground atlas
Flash lights.  Pack a lot of them as most flashlights are small and cheap
Multiple outlet power inverter
Large cooler
Small water bottles
Emergency first aid kit
Healthy snacks
Music CDs
Car emergency kit

As you can see, this list is not exhaustive.  It’s a good starting point.  Your camping checklist should be as unique as your own home.  It will contain the basics camping essentials and the items that are unique to you and your family.

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