How to Protect Your Wicker Furniture

Many people love to enjoy their outdoor wicker furniture sets. There really is not anything nicer than going and lounging around outside in a great comfortable chair with a good book. Well there is one thing that is extremely important that you can do to make sure that your wicker stays perfect for you to enjoy and relax in for years to come.

The first thing you need to do is to  protect your wicker furniture’s exterior. It is very important that you have the wicker sealed. Some manufactures already do this for you but most of the time they do not put enough on or they do not use the right kind of sealer so it is best his way you know its protected and will last a long time. The first thing that you need to do is to run down to your local hardware store or Walmart even. You need to pick up a couple of cans of Rustoleum clear coat. This product seals great. It is meant for sealing paint but if you have exposed wicker furniture it will seal in that perfect look.

Even if your furniture is already painted or sealed, the clear coat will give it a perfect look. Just make sure you clean the furniture really well and make sure that it is dry before trying to apply the clear coat. You just need to follow the instructions on the can and you are good to go. To do three chairs and a sofa it took me four cans of clear coat and an hour of my time.

To make sure that your furniture stays protected for years to come one thing that you can do is to redo the process in six months to ensure that the clear coat takes. The wicker chair is a great comfortable piece of furniture and needs to be protected. You  should makes sure that all furniture in your house is protected so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

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