How to set up a Cage for Rabbits

There are many misconceptions when it comes to keeping pet rabbits. One of them is that they can happily live in cages for long periods of time. While it is true that rabbits will definitely need to have a cage, you should always remember that they are the happiest when given some freedom to roam around as well. As such rabbits should be given a designated area for them to get some exercise while having a good cage to serve as a home base. Setting up a cage can be a simple matter of buying one from the store. But more careful consideration should be taken if you want your rabbit to stay happy and healthy.

Indoor rabbit cages come in all shapes and sizes and you can usually find one at a decent price in any local pet store. Standard varieties will come in rectangular shapes with a door latch that will either be on the top or the side. In general, the larger your cage is, the happier your pet bunny rabbit will be. They enjoy having space to roam around, especially if they are housed with another rabbit. Also remember that the cage will contain much more than the bunny itself. You’ll need adequate room for hay, bedding, and a food source. Water bottles can also be attached to the sides of cages or you may prefer to drop a water dish down for the rabbit.

Some people choose to combine two cages together using wire mesh. This is a great idea as long as you make the structure secure. The most important use you will have for your cage is to use it for litter training. With a good litter box you can train your rabbit to do its business in the given areas while keeping the mess to a minimum. Whenever possible, let your rabbit out of its cage to get some exercise. Make sure to supervise your pet to keep it out of trouble and with time, it will know how to go back to its own area when it’s time. As you can see, a good cage will serve as a home away from home while your bunny enjoys the other areas of your house.

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