Local Mason OH environmental project scheduled to save tributary

Mason, a successful city in Warren County, Ohio, has ignored the impact of development along Muddy Creek, a tributary of Little Miami River, with a length of around 1400 feet. The Mason OH housing market has seen expansive growth, especially since last year it was voted Cincinnati’s Best Suburb, and because of development the stream is subject to higher erosion levels. Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency has observed this and granted $258,000 for its restoration.

Apart from this funding source, the $430,000 project has received additional funds from local people. The goal of the project is to enhance the stream banks and restore the creek’s natural flow and habitat. Restoration is planned to start in 2011. Owing to the length of the creek, certain locations like the stretch near St. Susanna Church and to south of intersection of Hanover Drive and Reading Road have been chosen for focused work since the creek bends are more liable to erosion than the straight sections.

The project also includes the planting of more shrubs and trees in these areas since they can hold  the soil in place and help remove any pollutants from entering the creek. In addition, this will shore up banks and decrease silt deposits in the river.

Muddy Creek will also enjoy full sunlight penetration, which is necessary for the survival of the aquatic insects and organisms, sustaining a healthier aquatic ecosystem. Alternatively, this can result in algal bloom formation and lowered oxygen levels that can completely destroy the aquatic lives.

In addition to environmental improvements, recreational benefits will result from this project. The city has already built a few bike trails around the river and has planned more to be built in 2011-2012. Mason is the largest local contributor to the project with $103,130 and St. Susanna Church is the second largest with its contribution of $53,850.

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