Madesimo is a Beautiful City at the Italian Lakes

Madesimo Italy is a ski resort village that resembles a boutique-like setting, and the resort is located near the Swiss border. This particular resort can be used by couples who are aspiring to go for an intimate vacation. During the weekdays visitors may enjoy ski lift and uncrowded slopes without undergoing the inconveniences which are associated with costly and overcrowded resort towns. You may also enjoy the Canalone slope which is the most sought-after and one of the toughest runs across all of Europe. Taking a midweek break, and extending it throughout the weekend for a vacation, is something worth enjoying.

During the weekends crowds from Milan and the surrounding towns come to enjoy themselves in the resort at the Italian lakes. The ambiance usually changes as a result of the party mood around and the Bollicine Ski Bar which brings in a new life and relaxation mood to the resort. Hotels such as Emet, Albergo La Soldanella, and Alpina begin to fill up towards their full capacity, but if you have arrived in mid-week you have already booked an accommodation and are settled. As a visitor you can take advantage of the huge number of people around and use this time to enjoy Italian literature, visit the library, or enjoy some movies at the cinema.

Madesimo has numerous attractions that will ensure visitors are fully entertained during their stay. The resort has a high altitude with the winter season stretching from November to April each year, and the extreme altitudes provide amazing panoramic views not available at other resorts. You should not underestimate the enjoyment in the off-peak season, because during this time of the year there are marvelous experiences and breathtaking views of the plush green mountainsides. During autumn visitors can experience magnificent sunsets and beautiful colors that will instill memories for a lifetime. Even though Madesimo, Italy is a small resort it has a number of unique qualities that are not available anywhere else.

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