Make Fresh And Healthy Nut Butter With Your Blender

A speed blender is undoubtedly the most versatile kitchen appliance that you will ever buy. Heck if it was down to the two most versatile things that you could find in a kitchen, then the spoon and the blender would probably end up in a tie with the kind of things that you can do with them. Today’s blender can do everything (and more) that yesteryear’s food processor could do. With Blendtec’s ‘Will it blend?’ series of internet videos showed that many things were possible.

Blendtec’s series involved putting popular consumer electronics inside one of their most powerful high speed blender and then giving it a spin to see if it would ‘blend’! Most of the times with disastrous results; for the iPod or cellphone that was in the blender that is.

As far as making soup in a blender is concerned, let me assure you it is all very possible. I can say it with assurance as I’ve used my own Vita Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 to whip up a quick batch of soup on more than one occasion. Just take hot water, add your vegetables to it and then sprinkle in a dash of salt and pepper and blend–piping hot soup is ready for your consumption.

While the above was all a testament to the immense power that these blenders wield, the recipe for making peanut butter is quite a simple task. Simply toss in about two cups of roasted peanuts, add a little peanut oil (half a teaspoon should do), add some sugar to taste and give it a few whirs. If you like your peanut butter crunchy, then you can add a few peanuts in after that and use the pulse mode on your blender or a low power setting until you get the consistency you are seeking.

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