Marcum fish finders

When it comes to ice fishing gear it seems that the world has gone completely crazy over electronics. This isn’t for no reason, mind you.  The electronics world has taken ice fishing to the next level.  Gone are the days of sitting on a bucket staring at a hole hoping that a fish may actually be down there to bite your offering.  No, today we take our fancy electronics and make sure that the fish is down there.  In addition, we could even use an ice fishing camera to see the fish and what species they are.  Heck, we could even see them bite the hook if we wanted to.

And this is where marcum fish finders come into play.  If you are using an ice fishing flasher you have a much better chance of catching fish that a counter part without any electronics to aid him.  It is the run and gun style of the modern ice angler.  If you put your flasher down a hole and don’t see any fish, it is time to move.  Keep moving constantly until you locate fish on your flasher and then try to catch them.  Much like you wouldn’t sit in a boat on open water in one place for a couple of hours catching nothing, you should not do that on the ice either.  if you aren’t seeing fish, move to another hole.

Which brings up a good point.  In order to enable moving constantly we need to have a lot of holes at our disposal.  Make sure that you punch a significant amount of holes before starting to fish.  15-50 is a good number to think about.  The more you have the more agile you can be and the more fish you will likely catch.  Granted once you find that honey hole you likely won’t leave it, but until you do the numerous holes around you afford a lot of room to roam.

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