Nature wallpaper for fun

Here at boneblogger we examine all things related to nature, including how you might celebrate nature in your own home. You can check out our recommendations for computer wallpaper. Here we explore nature wallpaper patterns that work well in your own private “den.”

Patterned papers

You can get a wide variety of papers with a nature theme. Patterned wallpaper has a regular, repeating theme, and care must be taken to match the pattern up on the wall during installation, so there is a bit of challenge with it. An example of a dinosaur-themed patterned paper is shown here:

A patterned dinosaur wall paper.

Perhaps you would like a more geology-based theme by having a “rock look” like this:

Or a travertine tile pattern like this (learn more about travertine):


Another popular choice for nature wallpaper is actually a giant wall mural. Such images can give a room an expansive feel by blowing out one wall of a room into a wider world. Such scenes include prehistoric themes like this:

Or space and astronomy themes such as this:

Or nature scenes like:


A slightly less overwhelming way to express your love of nature with a wall covering might be a simple border paper. Just the right nature image or the perfect accent colors on a border may be just the thing to personalize your space.

You could pick from rustic looks like these:

While it may be easy to find many choices of nature wallpaper for your home, choosing between them might prove to be a “dinosaur-sized” task. Have fun and express yourself.

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