Newest Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

The new Nikon P7000 digital rangefinder is the latest digital camera to be released from Nikon. It is targeted for the advanced and even professional photographer with advanced features such as RAW shooting, HD video recording and easy to control and use rangefinder body style. This body style has become popular with shooters in the market for a new and higher end digital camera without the weight and size that a digital SLR might have.

It’s easy to see that Nikon is hoping with the release of the Nikon P7000 that they have a contender against the very popular Canon G series digital cameras, such as the Canon G11 and G12 models, which have been very popular amongst the advanced shooting crowd.

Full manual controls are the very first feature that the Nikon P7000 offers, and all popular camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, aperture and even exposure control is just a flick of a dial away, allowing creative custom settings to be made even when the shooter’s eye is up the the built-in optical viewfinder, which is a rarity amongst lesser digital point and shoot cameras.

Full HD video recording is a standard feature on the new Nikon P7000 and videos are just fantastic when recorded at the 720p resolution. There are no menus to navigate–just push a button on the Nikon P7000 and you’re shooting in full HD video without navigating menus on a tiny LCD display.

The lens of the Nikon P7000 offers high end Nikkor optics and include ED glass elements as well–a high end option usually reserved for pricier Nikon SLR lenses. The lens on the Nikon P7000 offers a full 7.1x optical zoom range from 28mm to 200mm, making the new Nikon rangefinder camera the perfect camera for a wide range of different shooting situations and styles.

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