Outdoor shower enclosures for a unique bathing experience

Naturally, most people prefer to take showers in the privacy of their own home.  However, outdoor shower enclosures are increasing in popularity, especially in warm locales.  Though most don’t take their usual shower outdoors, these enclosures have a number of helpful uses.

Often, these types of showers do not utilize the typical shower wall panels. Still, it is important to make sure that the enclosure is protected from water damage, with a lining or painted seal.  It is important that the shower has the ability to drain properly and that the floor is water sealed or built from a non-permeable material like concrete.

An outdoor shower can be built by the handy homeowner, or can be created by one’s favorite contractor.  Before starting, it is important that one decide what type of features they would like their shower to have and to plan out their design.  There are several things to consider when designing a shower, including whether or not it will be enclosed, where the water source is, where the shower should be located, and what it will be used for.  Some outdoor showers are not enclosed, but many people prefer them to be for privacy.  One must be sure that they can access water in their preferred location and that they can easily install a shower head without too much piping and reconfiguring of their home water system.

These showers can be used for a number of things, but they are especially popular with homeowners near a beach.  An outdoor shower can help one get rid of the sand on their feet and body before they enter the house.  A shower like this can also be great for a pet owner to use for giving Fido a bath without making a mess of the house.  The shower can be used for children who are dirty after spending the day outside, or for dirty shoes to prevent tracking into the home.

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