Outdoor wallpapers for your PC

I am so thrilled by my PC wallpaper. I am stuck in a high-rise office and deal with computer work and people. The outdoor PC wallpaper allows me to take mini vacations.

I cannot take the time to go to the nearest park which is too far away. I cannot spend the time wandering on the grass, feeling the earth beneath my feet, breathing in the flower scented air and seeing the trees stretch over head with long protective branches.

With the outdoor wallpaper I can have some of those sensations. One of the scenes is a forest scene with stately trees and the sun creeping down through the branches. Just the calm colors of the greens and browns can relax me. When I look at the picture, the details are so real I almost expect to see the blades of grass move in the wind. If I close my eyes and take a deep breathe, I can almost smell the scent of the damp musky earth at the base of the trees. For 30 seconds I can wander through the forest listening for the birds and feel the sun caressing my face when I move through a patch of sunlight.

When I come back to the office I am ready to deal with the next problem or issue, the next telephone call, and the next coworker with a request. Because I had that time, I am able to ground myself and to refocus on what I need to do to help my coworkers, my boss, my company and myself.

The other PC wallpaper is the ocean. It is a rocky beach with gentle waves curling around the boulders. The ocean is darker than the blue sky and the movement of the water with the darker blues and purples bring to mind tides coming in and leaving. With this one I can almost smell the salt water and feel the breezes playing with my hair.

I have to wonder what about these mini vacation that so rest me and restores me. Is it the scenes themselves and the memories they bring or the peaceful colors of this outdoor wallpaper? Is it because for a few minutes I am far away and alone? Could be if the balancing effect of nature?

I do not know why this works. I just know it work for me. When I returned to work after a vacation with my outdoor PC wallpaper, I am able to work better and faster. I can focus and handle any interruption with more ease and diplomacy.

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