Portable Fridges – Outside And In

A portable fridge is a very popular appliance with many consumers.  Their main appeal is that they allow the ability to refrigerate away from the kitchen and out on the road.

There are several different kinds of portable fridge: the 12V car fridge; the 3-way camping fridge; and a generic compact fridge intended for household use – such as a dorm fridge.

For those in the market for a car fridge, one of the best buys is probably a 12V Engel fridge freezer.  These units are very expensive – in the $800 dollar range – but provide a very energy efficient, highly rugged and reliable solution for buyers looking for a 12V car fridge freezer.

Unlike cheaper and less efficient competitors they can freeze reliably, and can be ran from a vehicle’s car battery for quite some time without draining it to a dangerous level.  Be sure to look specifically for a compressor type 12v refrigerator, in preference to the inferior absorption technology models.

12V fridge freezers are very popular amongst off-grid types who crave energy independence.  Their high efficiency makes them a good choice for those attempting to power their refrigerator from alternate energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Portable camping fridges are usually of the 3-way type.  Three way fridges have the flexibility of being powered by three potential power sources.  Dometic and Waeco are well regarded brands. House current, used at home or when tapped into the grid is the most reliable option.  LPG (propane gas) can be used in remote locations such as hunting cabins, or within RVs, and can provide extended refrigeration for weeks on an average size tank.  Finally they can also draw power from a 12v DC system, though admittedly this is not their strong point.

For remote locations that do not have grid power available these are a good solution for portable refrigeration provided that a ready source of propane – and refills – is available.

The final common type of portable fridge is the type frequently found around the home.  These are normal refrigerators or fridge freezers – they use house power – but are simply compact versions.

Regular portable fridges are very popular for use as second refrigerators.  Small fridges are frequently used as mini bar fridges in home entertainment areas or media rooms.  Mini fridges like these are also very popular choices for use as college dorm fridges.

A grid powered small fridge like this is also often found in workplace break rooms and can also make a great beverage fridge for your home office or study.

Clearly, when purchasing a portable fridge, you must carefully consider how you will be utilizing the appliance – and then buy the appropriate model of portable refrigerator from the wide selection that is available.

As with most major purchases you will get what you pay for.  So plan to spend a little extra and purchase a quality model.  This could potentially save you a lot of the heartache – and in the long term money – that can result from choosing the cheapest options.

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