Security at Home

Your home and family are your greatest treasures. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and secure when you protect them with the use of a home security system. Residential security systems are not nearly as complicated to install as they used to be. New technology, installation methods, and modern designs allow for systems that are installed quickly and easily, without the use of unsightly wires.

Silverline Security System uses a modern wireless technology that can be installed in your home within just a few minutes. Since the installation of one of these new systems does not require the placement of cords and wires throughout your home, sensors can be placed much more strategically, allowing for a more attractive system setup that still provides protection throughout your home. There are no trenches to dig, no holes to drill, and walls remain intact.

This new wireless technology also enables remote access to your home’s security system, so you can even arm or disarm the system while you are away from home. Consumers are also allowed the opportunity to monitor their home’s security online, enabling them to know who has returned home, what entry method was used and at what time. Real time monitoring also allows consumers to be notified of any unusual activity throughout the property.

There are numerous benefits to installing a security system in your home. Silverline Security Systems employs modern, reliable systems to ensure the safety of their customers, while adding the conveniences that come with technological advances. The residential security systems offered by Silverline Security Systems offer numerous options that include threat, intrusion, and motion detection, heat detection, carbon monoxide detection, and smoke detection sensors. Consumers can even choose which areas of the interior or exterior of their home system to arm, and can use sub alarms to enable extra protection for sensitive areas such as jewelry boxes, medicine cabinets and gun lockers.

While call for assistance buttons that are located on keyfobs and control pads offer additional protection, the instant hands free communication that is enabled during alarm events helps to ensure accessibility during an emergency. This feature is also extremely helpful in providing peace of mind to families of elderly and disabled customers who are home alone, since they are able to carry the keyfob with them and call for help from any location. Residential security systems from Silverline Security Systems are monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so help is always just an alarm away.

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