Selecting the Right Folding Canopy for You

There are many good reasons to be considering purchase of a folding canopy. If you have a family that likes to use the backyard, or you like weekend outings to the beach, mountains or the local park, then you probably have seen other groups enjoying greater comfort and safety thanks to their canopy tent. You may have noticed how easily they put their canopies up and took them down–folding canopies collapse quickly to load in the car and take anywhere. They are available to all families thanks to their prices–from $50 to $200 according to size and features selected. Most home improvement stores, and retail stores that feature outdoor gear, have some versions in stock.

Swiss Gear makes a great 10 x 10 “Smart Shade” canopy. It is tough, easy to use and offers lots of shade-100 square feet. It is a superior example of products available in this category. The canopy is treated so that it will block ultraviolet radiation so that the shade provided is total, no matter how strong the sun. You do not need so much as a screwdriver to get it up and protecting you–it is available for use within minutes. This canopy set-up assumes you will be enjoying it in all kinds of weather, as it has been made water-resistant. The UV protection helps protect any of the six different colors you choose from fading. The interior room at the center is 9 feet. Yet with all this, is weighs only 36 lbs. and fits tidily in a nifty carrying case so you can take it anywhere and store it safely. The price for this much quality, size and features is $160. The price is above average, but owners give it good marks for important features such as keeping heat away from the interior better than similar models, and the fact it is made to withstand rain.

A bit more economical one, at $100 even, is the “Palm Springs Outdoor Pop-Up” model canopy. This also provides a 10 x 10 foot area of shade, large enough for most gatherings and special events such as weddings or graduation parties or just a big family get-together. Although is covers a large area, it is so easy to erect and take down that owners like to take it to other places to supply shade and comfort and protection from the elements. Perfect places are picnics, the beach or camping trips. It is ready to use in just a minute of effort, without need of special weights or supports to make it sturdy. This Pop-Up is constructed with steel for the framing poles, important for an outdoor product because that metal not only resists rust it provides the strength of steel to the structure. They do also add to the weight of the tent–it is 50 lbs. A clever technique to protect the material from tearing in the wind or from use is the employment of Velcro to secure the canopy and poles. The only knock that owners have put on this product is that it cannot stand up under a rainfall–too much rain can make the canvas sag and then collapse as water accumulates. The tent is not designed to handle rain—the material has not been treated to make it water resistant, and if exposed to moisture, does not resist mold.

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