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Deer repellent tactics to protect your garden and plants

Spring and summer are characterized by lush leaves and budding flowers. However, they are also the seasons when hungry deer emerge from the woods to snack on delicacies found within the garden. Deer repellent tactics will keep deer out of the yard without causing them any permanent harm.

One way to deter deer is by installing a fence around the garden. The fence will need to be at least eight feet high because hungry deer will not hesitate to jump high in order to get some food. Thorny branches or netting should be interspersed with the fencing to provide further deterrent.

Fencing can be quite expensive, depending on the size of the fence and material used. Many homeowners will not have the necessary skills to install a fence themselves, so they will need to contact a professional. The labor charges in addition to the cost of materials can make this quite an investment. There is also no guarantee that a very hungry deer will not leap over this tall fence.

Try using repellent sprays in the garden as an alternative deterrent method. Sprays can be concocted at home using ingredients like soap or rotten eggs and water. There are many recipes on the Internet so try some of these or ask a local garden expert for recommendations.

The sprays sold online and in stores may contain chemicals or they may be entirely organic. Purchase one to treat the perimeter of the area or select the variety that is sprayed directly on the vegetables and flowers. Since these products are low-cost, test out some different brands to find the one most effective at deterring the deer in the area.

Incorporate deer repellent plants and flowers amongst the other items in the garden. Check online to see what shrubs and flowers will grow best in the garden’s climate. A deer may nibble on some of these but will then get a nauseous feeling in its stomach. The condition is temporary, but it will cause the deer to think twice before chewing on flowers and plants in the garden again.

There is a form of deer repellent for every budget and garden size. Fencing, sprays, and certain flowers and shrubs that deter deer are each effective in their own way. Find out what works best in your garden so you can rest easy that those prize roses will not be a deer’s next snack.

There are many ways you can protect your garden from deer. Visit our site and read about deer repellent recipes, deer resistant plants, studies and surveys about the variety of repellents and what others are doing. You can also post your questions and get answers.

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