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Tips to Create a Pretty and Whimsical Garden Display

Gardening has always been fun and therapeutic for all gardeners which is why there are so many that spend money on pots, garden tools and tons of hot plants of the month.

Creating a pretty garden arrangement is very simple and you can create something spectacular worthy of oohs and aahs. Get out your garden tools and get ready to create something marvelous. The easiest way to create a striking arrangement is to have a good picture in your mind of what you would like it to resemble.

The arrangement can be something colorful (you can mix various colors together to make something bold or just simple and pretty). If you are playing with colors then use the color wheel as your guide to help you make pretty combinations. Colors that lie directly across from each other on the color wheel will automatically look great together because of how different they are.

They can make very striking and powerful arrangements when paired together. Those colors that lie on either side of each other on the color wheel will look pretty and soothing next to each other. These are the colors that are related to each other such as pink and light pink and even red.

To create your arrangement, start with a few small plants and a large planter such as a pretty wooden wheelbarrow planter that will accommodate them. Keep in mind, that the plants will grow tall or branch out, so think about this when you are placing them in your arrangement.

The plants that will grow taller will need to be placed in the center or back side of your arrangement, otherwise if placed in the front or sides, the arrangement might look lopsided. Or you may want something like this! You just need to experiment to find the right look for you and you can slowly add more plants to it over time.

Soon enough, you will have a gorgeous work in progress garden planter arrangement that you will display proudly and you will receive plenty of complements on.

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