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Adventures in Queenstown, New Zealand

With a well earned reputation as the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown is the best place to satisfy your cravings for adventure. From bungee jumping to tandem skydiving and jet boating to white water rafting, Queenstown travel gives you the opportunity to experience a safe, invigorating and fun environment. The unique setting and special atmosphere created by the region’s spectacular geography made this town popular all over the world. It is referred to as a Natural Theme Park because of the endless array of options to choose from, for leisure and adventure activities.

The compactness and the shortness of the distances between mountains, forests, historical sites, rivers and lakes attracts and enables the visitors to do so much in a short period of time. The abundant adventure activities, working holiday employment, nightlife and budget accommodations makes Queenstown a great place for backpacking New Zealand. The great thing about this town is that everything and everywhere is just within your reach, an easy walking distance. Here are three adventurous activities that are popular in this town:

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is probably the most famous activity in Queenstown, which is also the fourth most beautiful bungee jumping site all over the world. Visitors has a lot of options, such as cable swinging throwing themselves off a gondola or a bridge, or the Bungee Rocket where a person is strapped in a cage-like device connected to the bungee cord and the device will be thrown into the air. Best bungee jumping sites in Queenstown: 1) Kawarau Suspension Bridge is historically the worlds first commercial bungee jumping site. Its located at 137.5 feet above a river and it has a platform for spectators viewing; 2) Hacketts Ledge is an urban option for bungee jumping. It is situated on top of the gondola, being open until night time; 3) Pipeline Bungee is an engineering masterpiece of 1864 gold-sluicing pipeline makes it the highest bungee jumping site and it is the world’s first gondola bungee jump. It is operating from a suspension bridge which is terrifyingly 440 feet above the river.


Hiking, which is also locally known as tramping, is one of the excellent offerings around the Queenstown area. The hiking trails usually start from places close to the city. Routebourne Track is among the best tracks in the whole country because of its various spectacular countryside sceneries. The Rees-Dart Track is for those who likes a more challenging option because of its rugged track. However, Greenstone Caples Track is for those who prefer an easier option. Anyway you like it, all these tramps has maintained pathways and mountain huts as a comfortable accommodation option.

Jet Boating

Jet boating is an exhilarating experience and another popular activity in Queenstown. Shotover and the Kawarau Rivers are the best places for jet boating.

Queenstown is one of my favorite cities in New Zealand and with so many things to do, a mountain setting, and great nightlife, it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country for a reason.

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