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Meco Series 4100 Model 4106 Square Utility Charcoal Grill

There are many fancier barbecues on the market but the Meco Series 4100 is the little grill that will offer you an honest charcoal experience each time you use it. The sales of gas grills have risen dramatically in recent times, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in using more traditional cooking methods. Some people prefer to use charcoal anyways because it delivers a distinct flavor that can’t be replicated when using propane or natural gas. The Meco Series 4100 is the prototypical charcoal barbecue and it’s not going to break any boundaries in terms of features or design. In fact, it’s one of the most basic barbecues on the market but sometimes that fits with more traditional cooking styles.

The grill itself is sturdily constructed and many people have reported owning a barbecue in this series for at least five years. Construction is relatively simple as long as you follow the instructions that come with the barbecue itself. And once you have it up and running there won’t be any complaints in terms of grill space or the way the design funnels heat throughout the entire barbecue. You can get a really great oven effect by closing the heavy lid and using the bottom placed vents to ensure that the fire doesn’t die out. The grill can also be lowered or raised in three separate positions depending on what type of food you are cooking.

One of the most attractive features about this traditional charcoal grill is the price, and don’t be surprised if you find one for around $70. That’s a really great price for a long-lasting product that can potentially cook food that is just as delicious as anything prepared on a $500 grill. The Meco 4100 is also a better choice than the most basic Meco product in the line because it comes with two side tables that offer more space for you to work with. Overall, this is one of the simplest charcoal grills on the market and even though it is not exactly portable, it will do the job just fine if you are planning a great backyard barbecue.

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