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Quality Outdoor Equipment Tested In The Toughest Terrain

Outdoors enthusiasts, campers, prospectors and adventurers need the best equipment to explore the natural environment, but the cost of this equipment can sometimes be staggering. Even family-targeted camping equipment comes at a cost and when the expense of buying your outdoor equipment goes up the temptation to sacrifice quality can be hard to resist. But what if there was a great way to buy the highest quality outdoor adventure and camping equipment and save money at the same time? At military surplus retailers and online stores you can get the quality you need at prices you can afford.

I’ve been camping and exploring for years. It started with family fishing trips when I was young and now as a father I often take my own children outdoors on the holidays for a little adventure. Like me, my children love getting outside for fishing, hiking and prospecting. It’s a family tradition enjoyed by millions of people across the world, but it can be a costly pastime. The cost of tents, clothing, equipment and hunting and fishing gear is staggering, but since I’ve discovered military surplus I’ve been able to save a lot every year when adding to and updating our equipment.

One of the best purchases I’ve made from military surplus has been sleeping bags, tents and clothing (check out considerations for the best camping tent). The range of clothing and backpacks in particular is exceptional and my kids love to dress up in camouflage and go spotlighting at night. I admit I love the look of camouflage clothing too, but I also appreciate the quality and the durability of the materials, and the fact that I’m not going to have to replace it after every trip. I also love tucking into a warm and dry sleeping bag at night to rest after chasing after the kids all day.

But it’s not just family trips that I’ve been able to enjoy more since discovering surplus. I love hunting, and while it’s not everyone’s favorite activity, for enthusiasts like me it’s important that I can carry the right knives and guns for each outing (check out what to look for in a hunting knife, too). Military surplus is a great source of knives, sheaths and netting. The quality is made for combat so it is sturdy and reliable. The range of rifles are also impressive.

Hunting equipment is a specialized necessity for sporting enthusiasts and while many military guns are not appropriate for sporting activities it’s possible to modify some combat rifles for these purposes. I recently purchased an AR-15 builder instruction manual and have been able to adapt my rifle to suit the exact purposes I’m looking for. You can also buy handguns and collectors weapons from World War I & II.

Whether you are strictly a family camping hobbyist or adventurous outdoor explorer, military surplus stores offer a great range of supplies for any expedition. Tested in harsh environments by our brave soldiers, surplus stock is a fantastic idea for building your store of outdoor gear. Compasses, portable bathrooms, sleeping bags, clothing and more. Military surplus stores stock everything you need at prices you can afford.

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Check The Weather Before Packing Your Camping Equipment

The type of camping equipment you may need for a safe, enjoyable outing depends on quite a few different things, such as your health and age, the type of weather you are likely to encounter, and where you will be camping at. A young, healthy person could take a sleeping bag, throw it on the ground and be perfectly happy, while folks who have trouble getting up and down, whether from age or health, would need at least some camp chairs and a cot if not a camper to sleep in. So you do need to consider not only yourself, but also those going camping with you to make an appropriate decision on some of the equipment.

A tent is essential camping gear as far as I am concerned. The weather, as well as the time of year and climate for where you are going can determine the type of tent you need. If it will be rainy or a super cold, even snowy climate, you may need a bigger tent, as you will no doubt be spending a good majority of your time in it. This could also mean you need a heater that you can use inside the tent.

Whether you are able to have a campfire to cook over, or you may need a propane camp stove is something you should to find out ahead of time. Most of the parks where you can camp are set up with campfire pits and some even have BBQ grills for you to use. Find this out before packing your cooking gear as you use different pots and pans to cook over an open fire.

Of course, if you have a camper, that usually has all the gear you need, but if you do not, gather up the tent, sleeping bags, cots, a cook stove, heater (if needed), pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, cups, eating utensils, and chairs to sit on around the campfire. Take the bug spray so you get to eat more than the mosquitoes do. Do not forget the food or it will be a really short trip.

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Creating a playground in your yard

Have you been trying to figure out a way to get your kids out of the house?  Let’s face it—these days kids just aren’t as active as they used to be, and when we are so busy ourselves, it can be hard to get them out of the house and away from the TV, the Xbox, or any other of the gadgets that we’ve bought to distract them.

One way to inspire your children is to start putting together a homemade playground in your backyard.  Look outside and think about it.  A lot of us have nothing more in the yard but a flat, pristine stretch of lawn or some gravel and a broken down car.  Not exactly inspiring for play, so unless you want them wandering off who knows where.  It’s time to make something in the direct vicinity of your home that will drag them outdoors.

Here are some simple things to get you started.


A trampoline is probably the simplest way to immediately make your yard a kid’s heaven, and even if you didn’t add anything else, they will be tempted to run out and use it for years, even far into their teens.  Trampolines are an amazing source of physical activity that have proven to be even more beneficial than a cardio routine, and kids like to do all sorts of stunts on them, making them lot of fun.

Just be sure to consider safety first when choosing the model for your yard.  A lot of the older ones have proven to be quite dangerous, so look for a newer design, like the springless trampoline.


What kid doesn’t love a slide?  This is a rather cheap addition to your background playground.  If you’ve already got a pool installed, this can be a way to really make it that much more of a blast.

Swing sets

While certainly not as versatile or captivating as a trampoline, swing sets will always hold their allure for children.  A moment in your backyard giving them a push can be the simplest of bonding experiences, and you will likely find yourself sitting in the seat for a little rocking back and forth as well.  If you’ve got a big back yard and some sturdy trees, save some money by putting up a strong rope or tire swing.


I realize not everyone can afford an Olympic size swimming pool in the backyard, but all you need is something that can hold some water.  There are plenty of above-ground pools that provide plenty of fun for kids who just want to get wet in the heat and splash around a little bit.

Those are just a few simple ideas.  The point is to start thinking about how you can make your backyard more inviting to kids, and then you won’t have to nag on them to get them outside—they’ll go all on their own.  Sure, they’ll still spend some time playing games on the Xbox, but their lives will begin to alternate between the inside and outside world rather than resembling the life of a couch cushion.

Start adding components like these one at a time as money allows—trampoline, swing, pool—and before you know it, your backyard will be the most exciting place in town.

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Give Yourself An Edge With This Carp Fishing Gear

Guest Post

When it comes to fishing, the biggest draw to freshwater fishing right now has to be carp fishing. This is the same throughout America as much as Europe. People just can’t seem to get enough. There might not be a considerable difference between fishing for carp over fishing (rod and reel) for anything else, but there are some differences to be presented. One of which is carp fishing gear. If you are serious about catching carp, you ought to educate yourself on the necessities.

When you think about carp fishing gear, you should be thinking a few things specifically. These being: the rods, bait, and line.

Getting a rod to specifically go carp fishing is a possibility for the serious carp angler. The difference in these rod and reels over the competition of other fishing types is generally the length of the rod. Carp rods get to be about 12′ long and with very good reason. If you are pulling in a 45 lb. Monster carp, you don’t want to lose your rod to the tension and pull of the fish. A longer rod simply gives you more leverage. They start around $25 for a low-end rod, but the best rods will run you around $150. The difference is the makeup of materials, which greatly affects the rods endurance and overall durability in clutch situations.

Perhaps the most important part of fishing for carp exclusively is getting bait that carp exclusively enjoy. Granted, this is not to say that some other fish isn’t going to be enticed by what you have dangling in the water, but you will land more carp by getting the right baits. Some of the companies that make some great bait to land big carp are K-1 and Kryston. They both claim to have some great concoctions of proteins and enticing elements that carp simply cannot ignore.

Getting appropriate line is pretty crucial to your cause as well. If you have insufficient line, then you might not have the carp either. Some carp can get over 50 pounds, and so you have to have a line that can withstand the thrashing and evasiveness of a 50 pound fish. Most often carp range in the 10-20 pound range, yet you don’t want to plan for this being your maximum. Planning ahead can be the difference between the big carp and the big story about the big carp.

The most important aspect of carp fishing is technique and practice. No amount of great gear will live up to real experience and knowledge. Raw skill comes from practice, and no carp can resist the bait of an angler like that.

So if you are confident in your abilities and just want to get an edge, you should definitely check out some of this incredible carp fishing gear.

If you would like to know more about used cheap carp fishing gear, please feel free to visit that page or have a look at this carp fishing blog.

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