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Rock Climbing and What You Need To Get Started

Like many people, you started rock climbing for fun at a local indoor rock climbing facility.  As you got better you’ve decided try your hand at the real deal. Great! You probably know that rock climbing is great exercise and a wonderful way to experience the outdoors, while testing the limits of your body, but you may not know what you need to get started. Like many people, you may have gotten an REI coupon in the mail and, upon entering the outlet store, find yourself completely overwhelmed by the range of rock climbing products on the market. Don’t worry! Getting started rock climbing is really quite easy.. Here is what you need to get started!

1. Rope- A good length of rope is your most important piece of equipment! It is best not to skimp and buy a cheap rope, or you may find yourself in a tight spot with an unreliable safety net. Instead, buy the best you can afford. A 10.5 to 11 millimeter cord style rope will serve you best. You do not need dry rope unless you are planning on climbing in snow and ice, and should get approximately 200 feet (60 meters) of rope. You may also be interested in purchasing a rope bag to keep your rope clean while you climb.

2. Quickdraws- Quickdraws are a pair of oval or d-shaped clip hooks connected with a strong piece of webbing. Though they may seem small and insignificant, quickdraws are absolutely necessary to your safety, second only to rope! One end of the quickdraw attaches to a bolt, nut, or cam in the climbing course, and your rope threads through the other end. You will need approximately twenty of these.3. Belay Device- A good belay device is very important. Belay devices are used to secure your rope, or to rappel back down the rock face. You won’t get your feet on the ground without one! Belay devices come in several shapes and sizes. It is recommended, especially for beginner rock climbers, that you purchase one that locks automatically.

4. Harness- Even the most experienced climbers rely heavily on a harness. A lightweight harness is cheaper and is perfectly fine for most sport climbing. When purchasing a harness, try to get one with four or more gear loops. Each loop is capable of holding seven quickdraws.

5. Climbing Shoes- A good pair of climbing shoes is going to be one of the best investments you ever made if you wish to continue climbing. Many sport climbers like a slipper-shoe, which fits your foot like a glove. Whatever you choose, be sure you have good foot-movement and flexibility!

6. Chalk- While it’s not absolutely necessary, most sport climbers like to have a bag of chalk. When you climb, your hands become sweaty, and chalk dries them out and helps to re-tighten your grip.

Got all your gear? Great! Now you’re ready to start climbing!

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Getaway To A Great Adventure, Outdoors!

Who wouldn’t love a great adventure outdoors? Almost every child loves the time they get to spend outdoors, roaming, exploring and being free. This fades a little as we age, but only because we become accustomed to the structure of school and work. Think back to how much you looked forward to summer vacation, and why you still love vacation time and you can see how true it is.  Everyone yearns to spend time outside, away from stress and enjoying nature. Many people also want to enjoy a fun adventure outdoors, rather than to simply be outside.

In today’s world where we often worry about money and the cost of a great vacation, you might find yourself wondering what kind of adventure you can afford. Perhaps you would like to stay close to home, maybe to save on time or money. At climbingoutdoors.com you can read about places throughout Utah where you can have a great weekend adventure. Pick a hiking trail, a camping spot, a backpacking route, or a mountain biking trail where you can enjoy nature and relax and recharge. Even if you live in the middle of a city, the mountains and wilderness are not far away.

While it is true that some of these outdoor adventures, such as camping or rock climbing require a bit of an investment in equipment, Climbing Outdoors can suggest the best gear for your chosen adventure. If you think you won’t have the time to dedicate to enjoying this outdoor sport, hiking is a great place to start. All you really need is a map, a buddy, some water, and a cell phone would be smart. There are countless trails all across Utah, and the website highlights some great ones. Spend a Saturday hiking a trail any time you can, and once you feel more dedicated, spend the money on gear and camp for a week!

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Experience Climbing Outdoors!

A fun activity to do is climbing outdoors. This is a great way to challenge your body and to improve your confidence as you are able to learn how to scale large rock walls and to see gorgeous views of the amazing world we live in. Climbing outdoors is a lot of fun but it requires skill and precision to do. It is a wise idea to invest time in a group training class and joining a climbing club so you can learn how to rock climb properly, and will be able to stay safe when you are climbing.

Rock climbing is a very difficult activity. You can learn it but you have to be prepared to have the physical capabilities along with the mental capabilities to really make it to the top. You do not want to give up on yourself when you are out there. It also helps to have some strong supporters with you in order to keep you motivated and to keep you safe when you are climbing outdoors. With practice you will start to get better and over time you will be able to defeat some of the biggest and most challenging rock walls out there!

Like any sport rock climbing will require special gear and equipment. With rock climbing you have to focus on safety. It is vital that you purchase the right type of safety equipment and that you learn the importance of belaying another person when they are climbing outdoors. You are responsible for their safety as much as your own. Taking a few courses on rock climbing will give you the best opportunity to learn safety techniques and how to climb to also to learn different climbing styles. Make friends in the rock climbing community as they can also help to teach you additional skills.

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