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How to illuminate your outdoor driveway?

Outdoor lighting is very important because not only does it improves aesthetics, it will also improve safety and security of the area your are illuminating. The most popular areas to illuminate are your garden, patio, walkway and your driveway. Placing lights on your driveway is an important thing to do because you want to know where you are going when it is dark. Accidents are prone to happen when it is dark and you can prevent accidents by placing lights on your driveway.

There are quite some different options to use for properly lighting your driveway. Still the most popular way to do it is with string lights. String lights can be installed and connected to a time switch or a simple switch that you can turn on and off whenever you like to. A frequently used method is by connecting it to a motion detector. Whenever a car is approaching the light will turn on, this saves you time and prevents the area from being constantly illuminated, a thing your neighbors will not always appreciate.

Although string lights are still the most popular option, other better options are also available. LED lights for example, are a much more easier way to light your driveway because they are much easier to install. The benefit of them is that you can place them in to the ground so there is always a spot to place them. However, LED lights still have to be connected to a power network and this is a tough nut to crack if you don’t know how to work with string lights or LED lights.

A third option is the use of solar lights. Nowadays there are very useful small lights available which you can also place in to the ground. The only thing you have to consider is placing them faced to the sun because they will need enough sun light to charge their batteries. The big advantage of solar lights is that you don’t have to connect them to a power network which makes installation rather easy.

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