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What to Look for in Tree Services

Most people enjoy the trees on their property. Unfortunately, trees can cause problems  like everything else. The good news is, its easy to protect your safety by hiring a quality tree services to deal with your trees.

These professionals can do all kinds of things, from cosmetic trimming, pruning, and if necessary the removal of a whole tree. Some companies are better than others. You could just go with the first choice you find, but you’re more likely to get the best when you look at different options. Different service companies have different qualifications and practices. Here is what you need to take into account.

Warning Signs

You should always investigate a company before you hire them. Dealing with trees requires a lot of responsibility. Stay away from unprofessional businesses or people, such as the local neighborhood handyman. A company that knows what its doing will examine your property and give you a free price estimate of the service before you hire them. If they want you to pay without providing this, grab your wallet and run in the opposite direction!

Trained Employees

Working high up with trees requires a lot of training to do right. In many areas, tree service employees need to go through a training program and be licensed. This generally requires many hours of both experience (with an apprenticeship) and classroom time. Make sure the company has licensed employees.

Legal Concerns

You do not want to be held liable if the company you trusted your trees to made a mistake that caused your old pine to fall on the neighbor’s house. If a company is legitimate, they will have liability insurance. This is way of saying “trust us, we know what we’re doing, and will take full responsibility for doing it right”. A good choice should have at least $1,000,000 of liability insurance. Workers compensation is a similar issue.

Without a good compensation program, an employee who injured himself working on your property might be inclined to hit you with a lawsuit! So make sure that the company also has compensation for injured employees.

Examine Multiple Options

To be sure you receive the quality if service you deserve, make sure to look at multiple options. Find at least three local companies that meet all these standards, and compare the prices. See how satisfied previous customers have been by searching for reviews on the internet.

Most of us would rather avoid thinking about the worst case tree scenario, but accidents do happen, so you need to be prepared for the possibility. Its better to take care of potential dangers now, than when they fall through your roof at 12:00 AM. There are plenty of companies out there who do know what they are doing. So as long as you do your homework, everything will turn out fine.

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