Taking Action to Reduce Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

Man-made global warming has been the product of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels with high carbon concentrations like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.  Human deforestation has also been a cause for global warming because plants absorb carbon dioxide that would otherwise go into the atmosphere.  When carbon gases rise to the atmosphere, they create a blanket that traps heat and raises the temperate of the planet.

Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming is producing heat waves around the globe that are causing health problems in humans and the environment.  Heat waves are yielding thunderstorms, heavy rains, and floods that are destroying crops, and completely eradicating ecological systems.  Coral reefs in the oceans are dying because the warm water temperature is creating a bleaching effect.  Polar ice caps are melting in the artic and water levels are rising worldwide, making islands disappear.  If current trends continue, the arctic ice could be completely melted by the year 2040.

Help Stop Global Warming

The best thing you can do to help stop global warming is to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.  Stay clear of materialism and consumerism and not only will you help stop global warming, but you will also improve your self-esteem.  The less you care about material possesions, the less you will consume, and the less products that manufactures have to produce.

Use your bike to go to work or take public transportation whenever you can.  Recycle and buy recycled products.  It takes a great amount of energy to manufacture new products when factories have to extract, refine and process the Earth’s natural resources.  Much less energy is required when factories work with recycled material.

Buy your groceries from local stores and farmer’s markets to reduce the transportation impact on the atmosphere.  Choose more vegetarian meals as it takes energy to feed and process livestock for meat.

Only buy energy efficient appliances for your home.  The lower consumption in electricity means the power plants do not have to generate as much, and thus do not have to burn as much fossil fuels.

Read about more global warming and the environment at www.gogreenacademy.com.

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