Tent purchasing basics

Whether you are a long time experienced camper or a first time adventurer in the wilderness, you will need a good tent if you are going to maximize your camping experience. A lot of people always worry when they purchase tents because there are such a wide variety of products available. All of them seemingly appear to be decent quality since a tent’s appearance can be quite deceiving, but the true test of a tent’s real value is how it functions in the real world. With the wrong choice of tent, a camping experience can spiral into a cold and watery experience where the camper may never want to return to a campground again, but with the right tent, a camping trip can be very memorable and really fun.

When looking around for a tent you will want to think about what type of camper you are in terms of season and the weather. Three season tents will fit most of your camping adventures as long as you don’t venture out into the cold and challenging climate during the winter months. Three season tents will be absolutely perfect for the casual camper or people who are interested only in easy and light camping during the summer. A first time camper will probably want to go with a sturdy dome tent for their strong structure and the ease at which they can be set up. Dome tents are much shorter than larger cabin tents but the trade off comes from minimal effort in setup and also greater protection from the wind.

Other factors to consider are the material the tent is constructed of and how well the tent is ventilated on the sides and top. You will always want a tent that can stand up to the harsh rain with openings that close tightly, but also a tent with easily accessible openings (possibly thin mesh) for when it gets hot. Remember, a tent can be very uncomfortable if it’s cold and rainy but it can be equally as unbearable with the intense hot sun beating down on it and trapping warm air within. Overall, take into account of what type of tent you need whether it is a 4-person tent or a 6-man tent and with the proper preparation and research you will discover a good tent that will compliment your camping needs.

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