The IQair Compact Solution

The IQair compact solution is considered a leading supplier in the air cleaning business backed up by science, quality and excellence. The company’s reputation and dedication on improving the air we breathe started way back in 1963.

IQair has a line of products to choose from which is known for both its technical and stylish design aspects. Its Swiss design is unparalleled. IQair provides homes and businesses with quality air cleaning performance. The performance of the Iqair system was tested and proved during the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak which placed them on top after proving that their product could clean the air in hospitals. The technology is also tested by the American Lung Association and recommends it as a superior room purification system. Technically, this product is superior because it purifies the air that passes through the filter to 90% or better.

The IqAir product line includes models such as: HealthPro Compact, HealthPro, HealthPro Plus, GC AM, GC VOC, GC Chemisorber and GC Multigas that carries 1-5 years of warranty along with it after purchase. The HealthPro line specifically has the ideal airflow quality for those people suffering from allergies and asthma.  GC series on the other hand, addresses a specific range of chemicals, pollutants, gases and odors in the air. It is important to determine what your specific air purification requirements are before selecting a system. For example, the IQair 16 will guarantee you the cleanest air possible. It eliminates allergens, dusts and many other viruses and pollutants. For commercial use, IQair HealthPro Plus is recommended for hospitals and other medical establishments where many airborne viruses are present, it is also recommended for household use. The GC Multigas is effective in removing harmful tobacco smoke.

Once again, it is advisable to consider your specific needs before selecting an air purifier system. At the end of the day, an educated consumer can make a wise selection and also provide feedback to manufacturers. This feedback is valuable because it leads to future product improvements and we all benefit from cleaner air to breathe.

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