Ways to Reduce Pollution

There are simple ways to help reduce pollution in the environment. Below are just a few ways we can all contribute to maintaining a healthy safe environment for adults and children. One way to help stop pollution is to always keep your car up to date with its emission tests. Avoiding smoke emissions will help prevent pollution. Try not to litter. Littering is careless and can easy be avoided. By throwing hazardous waste into water and land, it creates toxic chemicals that affect everything from the food we eat to the water we drink.

Burning tires has proven to be a significant factor in polluting the air we live in. Human carcinogens and chemicals get released into the air by burning tires. It only helps the environment to try and purchase used tires. Sometimes people invest in military tires due to the overwhelming surplus and quality. Instead of purchasing retail or wholesale tires, invest in used tires instead. Help stop the amount of tires being made by taking advantage of used tires instead of buying brand new ones.

Conserving energy goes a long way. By purchasing Energy Star products and generally reducing the amount of energy taken in per day, you will help relieve some of pollution. Turning lights off and appliances off when they aren’t being used will help as well. Plus, you will save on your energy bill. Get your home tested for radon, a hazardous, odorless but toxic gas. As far as automobiles are concerned, try to carpool or use public transportation when ever possible. By keeping your tires inflated you will save gas. When going grocery shopping bring a canvas bag to reduce the amount of paper and plastic wasted. Lastly- recycle, recycle, recycle! Sorting out the cans, cardboard and plastic from other garbage makes such a difference in the environment and can be re-used!

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